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Web Design and Web Development are two different things. What we offer for simple and fast solutions is a overload of web site packages that assist you in handling content, billing and invoicing, blogs, photo galleries, and much more. The basics of this type of site installation is under Web Design. This would also include basic work with HTML for site layouts and the like.

Most of our site content can be (and usually is) a PHP project and also Open Source. So, it also helps to have someone who knows a little about the PHP environment to assist in the minor details of installation and tweaks to make things just right for you.

If you have someone locally to help you manage your web site builds and hosting administration, you are welcome to use them of course.

If not, we can help you manage some things from a distance. Just call for rates and service and we will see how we can serve you best.

For basic web page building and maintenance, you can click on the Live Help Customer Service link in the Side Bar Menu to talk with someone directly or leave a message if not online.

We would be glad to talk with you concerning a Web Hosting account. We would also be glad to talk with you about any other web page materials you might want to have coded.

NOTE: It would be neither ethical or free of liability for us to work on an account which we did not host WHILE hosting our own account as a branch of business. We can work with basic page builds only. We cannot be held responsible for loading them into and/or making them work on (or with) third party accounts. It is our hope this will not deter you if there is anything else we can do for you. At this time, it is necessary for us to focus our efforts into business accounts only.