Order of Successful Web Site Creation Progression
Getting Started Turn-Key Solution Domain Regis. (DNS) Web Hosting Web Site E-Commerce Our Support Goal

If you do not have a Domain Name registered first, please see the Domain Registration page for more information on what is necessary for yourself and the public to access a hosted site.

As a part of our service to you, we are able to place in customer controlled and passworded environments all aspects of web hosting services for local accounts including the following:

  • Full Email Administration
  • Full Web Hosting Services
  • Full Sub-Domain setup and control
  • Full Parked Domain setup and control
  • E-Commerce Administration
  • Shopping Cart scripts
  • Online data backup solutions
  • Online Web Calendars
  • Bulletin Board Discussion Threads Management site scripts
  • Content Management Systems scripts
  • Online Web Logging (Blog) scripts
  • Customer Support Services scripts
  • Photo and Image Gallery scripts
  • And much, much more! (Seriously, like almost 300 web program scripts to date.)

Our Web Hosting business is directly dependent on the needs of our customers. We strive in making your web experience as hassle-free and understandable as possible while giving you as much control over your web site as you want or need.

In order to accomplish this great feat, we can serve, in a limited capacity, as a go-between for those who would like to (or need to) get the technical world to serve them better, but get frustrated or confused if technical jargon or environments are just not their thing. Or, if tech IS your thing, you already have a registered domain name, and all you need is a good web site host, call us and we can set you up some server space AND help you out in the management of it.

Web Hosting Subscription Prices

Note: - Hosting services are each separate subscription services on the Per Unit basis listed for each item. For more than one hosting service (if you register for more than one domain name), you will need to start a separate subscription for the hosting service you want to set up for each domain name in addition to each domain name subscription which has previously been registered.

We have now made available PayPal links to let customers start subscription services for their hosting. Soon, each product label will be able to be clicked on and see what each item contains when complete, as well as have a payment option to start a subscription with PayPal (which is live now). Once the PayPal link has been gone through, within 24 hours the hosting should be accessible with the domain name chosen once you have contacted Denning Services and made arrangements for the administration of your hosting site. This contact is important to create an account for you as the Registrar and owner of your account for it will contain your information. Please contact Denning Services Live Chat support to discuss or leave an offline message with a valid contact email concerning how to set things up and pursue your web site dreams.

Product ID Product Description INSTALL RATE Per UNIT
DSEML0000 Web Hosting - E-Mail Administration $2.89-$3.99 Month
DSEML0000P 20% off 10-Month Prepaid Subscription $23.12-$31.92 Year
Price Discounts

Product ID Product Description INSTALL RATE Per UNIT
DSSTN0000 Web Hosting - Standard Administration $4.49-$5.95 Month
DSSTN0000P 20% off 10-Month Prepaid Subscription $35.92-$47.60 Year
Price Discounts