Getting Started

Order of Successful Web Site Creation Progression
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Start setting up your site now!

OK, here is the nutshell of the nitty-gritty rundown for the fast observer.
We are not here to "hard-sell" you anything or push things to you that you do not need.
But, we do have things available, and you have web site or hosting needs.
We can assist you in those needs for the cost of assisting the setup or maintenance of those things.

The order of progression of costs and setup is:

  1. Domain Name first!
    • If you own one then we can use it.
    • If you need one, we can register it and put it in your name.
    • This is necessary to reference any and all site hosting that is set up.
  2. Web Hosting to which the DNS points.
    • Email Hosting
    • Standard Hosting
    • E-Commerce Hosting
    • Any and all Hosting is reference by a domain name.

If you would like assistance in registering your own Internet Address Domain Name (ie: or or and the like) or get Web Hosting to handle your own personalized Email and/or create your own site, do the following for assistance with that.

  • Please contact Denning Services Live Chat Support on the side bar menu
    • for live assistance
    • or to leave a message with good email
  • and the Administrator will get with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs and what it will take to get that done.

That is it. Fast, simple, cheap. Read more to learn about our ideas about Turn-Key Solutions.