Order of Successful Web Site Creation Progression
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We are able to host an E-Commerce site with ease. If you have products that you want to start selling over the internet, these are the things you need to do in order to get started:

First, contact Denning Services with the support link box on the Side Bar Menu and and let them know of your desires and your needs or requirements.

Then, you need a site name for people to find you. If you do not already have a Domain Name, we can set one up for you. Please remember that the domain name cannot be owned by anyone else or have anyone else as the registrar to be purchased. Please contact us for a search if you are unsure as to the ownership of a desired domain name.

Next, you need to set up a Web Hosting account with us by selecting what kind of hosting plan you would like to attach to your Domain Name out of our Catalog.

Once you are set up with a Web Hosting plan that is accessible from an Internet connection, then you can start working with the setup of the site. There are several things with which Denning Services can help you along the way.

In general, it takes about an hour or less to acquire a Domain Name, set up Web Hosting for the Domain Name, and get the DNS (Domain Name Server) re-routed to the new hosting plan. There are times that it could take up to 48 hours for everything to propogate and start getting recognized throughout the Web, but, so far we personally have never seen it go longer than a day to start getting you signed on and working with your new E-Commerce site. After we install the necessary modules, there is a configuration and tweaking time that can take from a day to as long as you want to work with it.

After about 2-3 days, once all the setup, propogation, and module installation and tweaking has taken place, you will then be ready to start entering items into the catalog and setting up your E-Commerce site inventory. The packages we can offer vary from the simple to the truly robust and is usually all Menu-Driven, so it is easy to work with as well as extremely functional. We think you will be very pleased with your new E-Commerce site.

We have now made available PayPal links to let customers start subscription services for their hosting. Soon, each product label will be able to be clicked on and see what each item contains when complete, as well as have a payment option to start a subscription with PayPal (which is live now). Once the PayPal link has been gone through, within 24 hours the hosting should be accessible with the domain name chosen once you have contacted Denning Services and made arrangements for the administration of your hosting site. This contact is important to create an account for you as the Registrar and owner of your account for it will contain your information. Please contact Denning Services Live Chat support to discuss or leave an offline message with a valid contact email concerning how to set things up and pursue your web site dreams.

Please Note:
Only one plan can be selected at a time as each selection is a separate subscription plan.
Please choose your plan based on your E-Commerce Hosting needs and if there is any question you can contact DS at the Live Help and Messaging link on the Side-Bar Menu.

Product ID Product Description INSTALL RATE Per UNIT
DSECN0000 Web Hosting - E-Commerce Administration $10.49-$19.95 Month
DSECM0000P 20% off 10-Month Prepaid Subscription $83.92-$239.60 Year
Select One Subscription Plan

Product ID Product Description INSTALL RATE Per UNIT
DSECN0000A Web Hosting - E-Commerce Administration $60.49-$69.95 Month
DSECM0000AP 20% off 10-Month Prepaid Subscription $483.92-$559.60 Year
Select One Subscription Plan