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DNS Registration FIRST before hosting!

Whether you own a domain name or need one registered, a name to reference any hosting must be done first or the hosting will never be reached and used.

If you already own a domain name and just need the hosting server towards which to point the domain name, we can set up hosting and give you that server information to put into the domain name server management setup of your domain name registrar.

If you have a domain name in mind already and would like assistance in setting it up, just click the support link on the Side Bar Menu and fill out either the Live Chat or Message form to send either a live chat request (if WebMaster is online) or to leave a message straight to the WebMaster concerning Domain Name Registration to create your own domain name to reference your website. The WebMaster can then do a lookup to see if that name or variations of that name are available. You may do the research if you wish, but we can also handle it here personally if you choose. Response time is generally within 24-48 hours.

The name that you choose and register will be the address people type in to find you.

yourdomainname is the first part of the name you are choosing.
.com is the domain type such as .com for commercial or .org for organization, etc.

In your Live Chat or Message request, please be sure to select or enter Domain Name Registration to expedite these specific domain name requests.

These Services are also available:

  • Domain Locking (Reserving a name so others cannot use it if you are not going to use it immediately.)
  • Server Redirects (Making variations of domain names like .org or .net point to the only one you may be using such as a .com address.) You would want to do this mainly for a business so that any variations that someone types in are directed to only your e-commerce or e-store site.

After registering the name, we can set up the Hosting Account on which you would use to build your Web Site.

Note: Each Domain Name registered is a separate subscription because each name is a separate entry to the domain name registrar.

Product ID Product Description INSTALL RATE Per UNIT
DSDNSRP01 Domain Name Registration Plus $20 Year
Domain Registration, DNS Handling, Locking, Etc.
Enter Domain Name Requested
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If you already have a Registered Domain Name

We need to set up some hosting space for you! But, first we need some things. Here is a short list of what we need now and some follow-up information with some suggestions so that we can set up some hosting, configure some hosting, and get answers for some hosting.


  1. "Set up some Hosting" - Select and Pay for Web Hosting Accounts - Go to the Web Hosting page to select and register a PayPal subscription for the main package to use for the main domain and also each package subscription (usually smaller) for each domain you want to redirect to the main domain name hosting. [Please see suggested packages with notes below.]
  2. "Configure some Hosting" - Submit Support Tickets for Issue Tracking and Information Exchange - Use to submit support tickets for tracking to completion of independent issues. Also, if you have a specific 8-character username or special password you would like to use for a hosting account, please submit those support requests here.
  3. "Get answers for some Hosting" - Support Priorities - Live Chat Support and Live Chat Offline Messages ( side bar menu), Support Tickets (, and PayPal Subscriptions ( web pages PayPal button links) [usually in that order] are heavily watched for any activity and addressed ASAP.
  4. The remainder of the page is for some descriptive explanations concerning the above tasks.

For each of your new domain names, new hosting account information will need to be configured for each domain name. Also, if we have worked on any previous content on a hosted package, before it is taken offline we need to do some things. The progress made as a preliminary installation on the original domain hosting will need to be moved from the old domain name using FTP before taking it offline and then modified to the new domain (the Web Master will do this).

Currently, the desired package for the main site as a minimum needs to be known and needs to be selected with a subscription payment you need to select from the site on the web hosting page before further progress can be made. The Web Hosting package you desire for your particular needs can be selected here at with the appropriate PayPal Subscription. Within 24 Hours upon successfully submitting the desired web hosting package subscription, the server and login information can then be created and sent to you.

Suggested packages:
.com - E-Commerce Bronze, minimum for e-cart or e-store, can be upgraded later.*
.net, .info, etc - Limited Web Hosting, to reserve server space for HTML meta-tags and server redirects to the main site.*

  • (*) a separate subscription will need to be entered for each package on each domain name as they are handled as separate entities and therefore separate billing plans. In other words, if there are three domains, there will need to be three subscriptions to independently track billing. Also, if you wish (and is highly recommended), a separate support ticket can be submitted for each domain (or any issue) to ease the tracking of progress and completion of any setup issues or concerns. A separate support ticket number for each issue can be emailed back to you so you can check up on it at any time.