Order of Successful Web Site Creation Progression
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Welcome! You are just in time to have your own domain name and build your own website.

The really neat part is, you just have to know just enough about a computer to browse around and edit pages just like a text document, then you too can work with your own site.

So, why should you spend a little on a web setup here? Because everything we use here we can help you set up for your own use there. Let us start with the page you are on now. It is in what is called a "wiki" format, meaning you can log into the site page and edit the page directly, then when you publish it the whole world can see it immediately. No need to edit source code files on a computer and upload to the FTP or anything like that (unless you want to, and of course you can).

You get the assistance of the administrator who set this site up so that you can set up your own environment just how you like. All the tooling and pages you will see here for the site, email, e-commerce, live chat support, customer incident ticket tracking system, and so much more are not only used here for your benefit - we can also show you how to set up your own administration of these items.

Below, you will see a menu that will walk you through the components and facets of setting up a successful site. It is not as hard as one might think. There is the name people type in, the content they see, and what you do when they want support from you or see product if you have a store front set up. So, just click on the links in the menu below for more details and see how easy it is to set up your own site today!

This site is just getting started and has only been online since the first part of May 2014. This is a revamp of the original site and is in a wiki environment just like you could have yourself. As the WebMaster is creating and editing content, sometimes you can even refresh a page and catch the changes just made as they happen live while being edited. This is the beauty of a wiki site like this being used as a content management system. When you edit the site, you literally edit the site and upon Publishing the page the whole world sees the changes immediately. It is just that simple. No fuss, no muss.

The menu above is a map of a successful web site creation. There are several pieces that have to work together and the menu will help you navigate those parts so you know what will be involved to also get your very own site going just like this one. Please remember also that this is the simplest skin available for this particular platform. There are many skins and colors available. But the focus here is simplicity.